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              Create a dream realization platform for medical device entrepreneurs-2018 China Medical Device Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference

              日期 : 2021-04-07

              The autumn in Beijing is exceptionally beautiful, and it is so beautiful that you can’t start to compliment this ancient civilization with the breath of the times. And this weekend, because of the grand opening of the "2018 China Medical Device Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference", Beijing's decorations are particularly beautiful.

              On November 3, 2018, the "2018 China Medical Device Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference" was grandly held at the Conference Center of the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone in Zhongguancun, Beijing. More than 300 medical colleagues from scientific research, clinical, corporate, and investment circles attended the conference. Everyone gathered together to talk about the cross-border integration of medical device industry resources, facilitate the connection of innovation and clinical applications and capital, promote the transformation of medical device innovation results, continue to deepen the "double innovation" activities, and implement the innovation-driven development strategy.

              The conference is divided into three sub-venues of intelligent medical equipment, advanced treatment, and in vitro diagnostics, including orthopedic surgical robots, flow fluorescence technology, micro medical imaging modules, ophthalmology OTC, domestic targeting kits, MMC rapid detectors, and cranial surgery. 34 innovative projects including the minimally invasive removal system for internal hematoma participated in the on-site roadshow. After the final selection, 3 companies including Anying Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. were rated as the most valuable investment projects, and 6 companies including Beijing Zhizhen Huli Technology Co., Ltd. were rated as the most investment potential projects.

              In addition, the conference set up a docking channel for industrial resources, attracting the world's leading medical device service provider NAMSA, design service provider Helbling from Switzerland, medical device third-party service platform Ozida Medical Device Service Group, and WuXi AppTec Medical Device Testing Service department, domestic efficient clinical R&D management platform Light Medical, medical device professional park Zhongguancun Medical Device Park, investment incubation platform and Yiguangye innovation platform, R&D institution Beijing Natong Medical Technology Research Institute and some innovative project companies Huarui, Invitro Diagnosis manufacturer Jingtian Medical, non-invasive arterial blood pressure measuring instrument Zhongkang Hezheng, etc. were displayed on the spot, basically covering all the links involved in the industrial ecology from investment and financing, design and development verification, registration services, and industrial production (parks). It is hoped that it will bring a grand gathering of in-depth exchanges between participants in the entire industry and the entire industry chain.

              The grand occasion of the conference

              This conference is supported by the Haidian Park Management Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park, sponsored by the Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering, and co-organized by Nankai University and Beijing Natong Technology Group Co., Ltd., the Working Committee of Science and Technology Innovation and Industry Promotion of the Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering, Hosted by Beijing Heyi Guangye Innovation Platform.

              Ms. Li Dongming of the Haidian District Government, Liang Aimin from the Exhibition and Trading Center of Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, Zhang Xu, Director of the Medical Project Department of the Biomedical Department of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Wang Guangzhi, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering, Vice Chairman of Wan Suiren, Secretary-General Chi Hui and other leaders attended this event.

              "It is hoped that through this conference, a batch of innovative and entrepreneurial projects and industrial service resources with significant clinical value and great transformational value can be attracted and explored in Haidian, and the existing intellectual resources and technological reserves in the Haidian area can be utilized to the greatest extent. Industry development creates a better entrepreneurial ecology.” At the opening ceremony of the conference, Ms. Li Dongming expressed her earnest expectation to promote the rapid and sustainable development of China's medical device industry in her speech.

              Ms. Chi Hui, secretary-general of the Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering, pointed out that in order to transform the current single and discrete innovation of enterprises into collaborative innovation in the industry, and to create a collaborative environment in the network ecological space, the society organized this conference, and at the same time played the role of Resource advantages, gather experts and industrial wisdom, seamlessly meet the needs of innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises, and discover a number of valuable and potential medical innovation and clinical transformation projects.

              Mr. Dong Xiang, general manager of Heyi Guangye Innovation Platform, said in his speech that open, collaborative, and integrated innovation has gradually become the dominant mode of innovation and the trend of global development. The conference will join hands with domestic and foreign medical device start-ups and domestic and overseas industrial service providers to initiate the reconstruction of the medical device industry innovation ecology, create an original innovation source for medical device research and development, and finally form a China based in Haidian, facing Beijing, and radiating the whole country. Medical device innovation ecosystem.

              Ms. Li Dongming, Haidian District Government

              Ms. Chi Hui, Secretary-General of the Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering

              The expert jury participating in this event has a very strong lineup. Each sub-venue invited 2 academic experts, 1 business expert and 2 investment experts to form an expert review panel to comment on the project from different angles. Professor Wan Suiren of Southeast University, Professor Xi Tingfei, Director of the Center for Biomedical Materials and Tissue Engineering, Institute of Advanced Interdisciplinary Research, Peking University, Professor Gao Xiaorong, Department of Biomedical Engineering, School of Medicine, Tsinghua University, Professor Kang Xixiong, Experimental Diagnosis Center of Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Founder of Pengshi Assets Yang Yigang, managing partner, Shi Guomin, managing director of Huagai Medical Fund, Zhang Peng, managing partner of Gaotejia Investment Group, Li Changying, chairman of Yi'an Medical, and Zhu Lei, director of ultrasound imaging system research and development of Shenzhen Mindray Medical Electronics Co., Ltd., etc. Big names from the investment and industry circles gathered together and served as guests of judges.

              Professor Gao Xiaorong, Department of Biomedical Engineering, School of Medicine, Tsinghua University School of Medicine, commented on the scene

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